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1) How to use gift card :
a. Being with Khanpan is beneficial and best way is to gift a card to your family and friend
b. The Gift cards are in various denominations
c. The Gift cards can be sent by email
d. The Gift Cards are not further transferrable and to be used by the first recipient
e. There is no limit to buying Gift cards
f. Once you purchase Gift card, call the person whom you are gifting it and tell him/her to redeem before its expiry date.
g. Ensure that the recipient has received the product against the Gift card after a weeks timeor at your convenience.

a. The gift card is applicable to any Indian resident
b. The address for redemption should be serviceable
c. The value of gift card is not redeemable in cash
d. Gift Card is not transferrable from the hands of first receiver of the gift
e. Gift Card can be used only for online purchase can not be used in addition to any Sale/offer of the product
f. Verification will be necessary which will happen at the point of sale